GCT New York Overview

GCT New York located on Staten Island, New York, USA is a 187 acre, three berth container terminal facility operated under a long term lease agreement from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.


It boasts three deep water container vessel berths; six quayside gantry cranes; four new post-Panamax cranes on order; 24 paperless computerized truck gates; 63 yard tractors; 22 full container handlers; 9 empty container handlers and other heavy forklifts; 42 stevedoring chassis; various computer equipped pickups and other vehicles; on-dock rail service (37 acre intermodal rail yard under construction); on-dock Container Freight Station; on-dock US Customs Inspections and Trac operated chassis pools of 1,700 chassis.


GCT New York also bears a 39,000 sq ft main office building, 412,000 sq ft container freight station (comprising two buildings), 28,785 sq ft equipment maintenance and repair shop, 20,000 sq ft deep freeze warehouse, 66,000 sq ft refrigerated warehouse.


GCT New York, which has undergone approximately $32 million in renovations, has the capability of handling 425, 000 containers annually, and can work three vessels simultaneously along its 2,500 linear feet (760 meters) of berth accessed via a modern truck entry complex.  It has 147 acres of open area for container storage; seven container cranes; 200,000 square feet of warehouse used for stuffing and stripping, US Customs Examinations and distribution activities; as well as a 66,400 square foot temperature controlled warehouse for temperature sensitive cargo. Complete Container Freight Station (CFS) services include U.S. Customs and Agriculture Quarantine Inspection (AQI).


Shorter Turnaround times create a stronger bottom line for you.

GCT NEw York has earned a solid reputation as the New York Harbor's most flexible, service-oriented container terminal.  We are the harbor's only facility with on-site warehousing.  We also have on-site trucking capabilities, specializing in the handling of over-dimensional and out-of-gauge cargo, and will work with you to ensure that every truck that leaves our facility meets DOT weight restrictions. 


Most importantly is how well the wide range of logistical solutions we offer work together, providing a level of synergy you won't find anywhere else in the harbor.



  • Access: While GCT New York is located on Staten Island, we're right next to the Goethals Bridge, providing easy access to four major interstate highways and the world's largest, most affluent consumer and business markets.
  • Speed:  GCT New York has been repeatedly recognized for speed and efficiency when it comes to handling truck traffic, an attribute aided by 24 operable gates and 13 working scales.  The faster your trucks move in and out, the more efficient your operations run.
  • In-House Trucking: We have preferred relationsips with two of the New York area's best trucking companies, both of which maintain operations on-site at NYCT.  This allows us to provide customers with comprehensive trucking solutions---just another way we bring more value to the process.
  • Paperless Gate Operations: We've developed a time-saving terminal control system that eliminates the need for delivery orders.  Customers can check the staus of a particular container-including arrival date, release date, and whether any U.S. Customs or shipping fees are due--24 hours a day via the Internet or touch-tone phone or by speaking to a live dispatcher 12 hours a day.
  • Gate Hours: GCT NEw York opens early and remains open later to keep the flow of goods moving more efficiently.
  • Terminal Security: GCT New York is part of the NY/NJ Sealink, a port-wide, driver security initiative designed to complement our paperless gate operations.


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